ANDE 6C Rapid DNA Identification System
Receives FBI Approval

The Rapid DNA Act of 2017 has passed!

A new era in public safety begins now

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America is at war with sexual assault. Rapid DNA is the weapon to win that war.

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Less than 1% of crimes are assisted by CODIS Solve them faster with ANDE

Since the Federal DNA database was created and implemented in 1997, CODIS has produced over 362,144 hits assisting in more than 347,240 investigations.* This is a remarkable achievement, certainly one of the most important advances of the past century. However, these hits represent less than 18,000 investigations that have been CODIS-assisted in an average year—less than 1% of annual violent and property crimes. Rapid DNA represents a paradigm shift that offers the potential to amplify the value of DNA in law enforcement.

* Source: FBI CODIS – NDIS Statistics, March 2017Learn More


DNA results in less than 2 hours

Easy to use

Designed for use by non-technical personnel


Results at least as good as conventional labs


Rugged for use outside of a lab

Answers now

ANDE is the leader in Rapid DNA, a technology designed to maximize the impact of DNA identification to assist law enforcement, homeland defense, disaster victim identification, and the military. ANDE is the faster way to a safer world.