Military & Counter-Terrorism

Unmatched technology for field-forward operations

ANDE brings DNA out of the lab and into the field:

The conventional approach to human DNA identification requires days to weeks of work by highly skilled technicians using sophisticated equipment which is operated and maintained in a lab. ANDE is disrupting the market by enabling human DNA identification in a fraction of the time. With an intuitive interface designed for a non-technical operator, ANDE delivers up to five robust DNA profiles in less than two hours.

ANDE extends the operational location for DNA analysis to deliver actionable intelligence directly to the field — whether a refugee camp, FOB, remote disaster region, or maritime op.

ANDE is honored to serve the defense and intelligence communities of the United States and its allies.

Who can use ANDE?

Anyone. Learning how to use ANDE is straightforward and operators can begin using the system essentially immediately.

What samples can be processed on ANDE?

  • Cheek swabs
  • Bloodstains
  • Sexual assault kits
  • Cups, cans, and bottles
  • Cigarette butts, gum, and drinking straws
  • Steering wheels, guns, cell phones, and handled items
  • Bones
  • Hair
  • Teeth
  • Semen
  • Muscle and tissues
  • Many others

When will results be ready?

In less than two hours.

ANDE is the first and only Rapid DNA system:

…to receive FBI NDIS Approval

…to pass military grade ruggedization tests

…that equals or betters existing laboratory processes

…that enables non-technical operators to process crime scene samples

…with consumables that do not require refrigeration

…that automatically interprets DNA IDs and allows routine searching of DNA databases

…to feature PrivacyGuard™ protection