Law Enforcement

Breaking the cycle of crime:

ANDE is changing the paradigm in law enforcement

ANDE is a force multiplier:

Rapid DNA is defined by the FBI as "A term used to describe the fully automated (hands free) process of developing a DNA profile from a reference sample buccal (cheek) swab without human intervention." Moving DNA from the lab to the field enables law enforcement to identify individuals at the speed of their investigation. ANDE is being deployed broadly in two public safety areas: Investigative operations and booking facilities/other corrections centers.

“ANDE gives us the ability to solve crimes quickly, to rule out the innocent, and to identify and to pursue that bad guy with all of our resources.”

— Ed Davis, former Boston Police Commissioner

Where can ANDE be deployed?

  • Police Stations
  • Crime Scenes
  • Vans, Trucks, and Cars
  • Booking Centers
  • Jails / Prisons
  • Coroners’ / Medical Examiners’ Offices
  • Hospitals and Sexual Assault Kit Collection Centers
  • Mass Casualty Sites
  • Borders and Ports
  • Embassies
  • Essentially Anywhere (runs on generator power)

Who can use ANDE?

Anyone. Learning how to use ANDE is straightforward and operators can begin using the system essentially immediately.

What samples can be processed on ANDE?

  • Cheek swabs
  • Bloodstains
  • Sexual assault kits
  • Cups, cans, and bottles
  • Cigarette butts, gum, and drinking straws
  • Steering wheels, guns, cell phones, and handled items
  • Bones
  • Hair
  • Teeth
  • Semen
  • Muscle and tissues
  • Many others

When will results be ready?

In less than two hours.

ANDE is the first and only Rapid DNA system:

…to receive FBI NDIS Approval

…to pass military grade ruggedization tests

…that equals or betters existing laboratory processes

…that enables non-technical operators to process crime scene samples

…with consumables that do not require refrigeration

…that automatically interprets DNA IDs and allows routine searching of DNA databases

…to feature PrivacyGuard™ protection