Kentucky Case Study

Kentucky Is First to Adopt Rapid DNA for Sexual Assault

The state of Kentucky has been running a pilot program for several months, using the ANDE Rapid DNA system to test samples from rape cases. It has proved invaluable in several cases where there is a match to DNA in a criminal database and to others in which a specific suspect was under consideration. This has convinced Kentucky officials to more broadly implement Rapid DNA testing.

In April of 2019, Governor Matt Bevin announced the state’s commitment to use every means possible to reduce sexual assaults in Kentucky. The Kentucky State Police Forensics Laboratories rigorously managed the pilot to demonstrate the efficacy of the technology.

“We have taken a bold step in order to reduce the incidence of this heinous crime. We have evaluated a powerful new technology, Rapid DNA, and determined that it can help us to identify an assailant in a matter of hours – allowing us to focus the investigations of sexual crimes more quickly than ever before.”

— Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin

“The Kentucky State Police Forensic Laboratories have done a rigorous evaluation of (ANDE) Rapid DNA as a way to accurately identify the rapists without infringing on the privacy of Kentuckians.”

— Kentucky State Police Commissioner Richard Sanders
The ANDE Rapid DNA instrument - FBI CODIS NDIS Approved
The ANDE Rapid DNA instrument - FBI NDIS Approved