ANDE Introduces Next Generation Hydrocarbon Testing Solution

Field-based Rapid DNA Identification revolutionizes the analysis of hydrocarbons to protect equipment, refineries, pipelines, and the environment, while greatly improving economics.

The F7-Chip utilizes the trailblazing, accurate, and proven technology used for human identification by the FBI, Department of Defense, and law enforcement agencies throughout the world to apprehend criminals, in military counter-terrorism operations and disaster victim identification. Now available to the energy, aerospace, transportation, maritime, military, construction, and other sectors.

The F7-Chip is the most technologically advanced, all-encompassing, and user-friendly test available to combat microbial induced corrosion (MIC). Actionable answers available in under 2 hours. The ruggedized technology is usable in difficult environments and does not require a technical user.

To address the limitations with current methods for characterization of microbial contamination of hydrocarbon products, ANDE Corporation has developed a fully automated system that performs fully integrated DNA purification from hydrocarbons, multiplexed PCR amplification, electrophoretic analysis to determine amplicon sizes, and data analysis to provide detailed characterization of the types and quantities of microbes present. The system is based on the ANDE instrument, the single-use consumable F7-Chip, and associated software. Derived from ANDE’s pioneering Rapid DNA System for human forensic identification, the instrument, F7-Chip, and software detect type and quantity of microbial contamination with:

  • Bacteria
  • Archaea
  • Filamentous Fungi
  • Yeast/Fermenters
  • Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
  • Sulfate-Reducing Archaea
  • Methanogenic Archaea

The F7-Chip detects seven major categories and dozens of subcategories of microbes in a single run. This represents a substantial scientific and operational advancement. Each swab, which requires less than one milliliter of sample, is analyzed for the entire range of detectable microbes. Four unique samples can be analyzed simultaneously. Specific microbe identification enables targeted inhibitor treatments.

The ANDE F7-Chip features full integration with the EnerG-ID Solutions (EIDS) Data Analytics System.  The Data Analytics System supports GIS-based field asset monitoring of microbial data. The EIDS system can automatically collect field testing data in real-time, allowing for clear management and overview.

Please contact us to discuss this technology and evaluate how it can transform your operations. Validation studies and additional collateral available upon request.

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EnerG-ID Solutions is the worldwide, exclusive licensee of the F7-Chip.